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6.8.9 (64bit)

for Windows by FrostWire, LLC.


Microsoft is the leading software company, and many of its products are "free". One of them is the FrostWire. This software helps to monitor the network for threats. When a user installs this software, it installs on the computer and sends emails or other data to any specified email address. This service is free of cost and can be downloaded free of cost from the Internet. While installing this software, the administrator of the system also has to install the following software, which is called as Outlook Express: Windows Live Mailbox Express, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger All in one.

If you use Net Explorer and a browser, it would not be easy to manage or monitor all the users. These two softwares will help to login multiple users at the same time. By installing all these softwares, users have the ability to log on. Therefore, there will be a lot of problems if a single person logs on to a computer by using Net Explorer. However, by installing all these tools, it will help to monitor the network efficiently. Besides, the administrator can also send emails to various users from the computer. Although it has been highly popular, it still costs money.

For those who want to try the software, they can easily download it for free Windows. However, there are some individuals who want to download it only for personal use and are not interested in the business purposes. There are some websites that offer this software for free. But most of the websites charge money while downloading it. Although it is free of cost, it does not mean that it is a piece of software that is easy to download.

by FrostWire, LLC.
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